We are available to perform all over the country and international . You can avail our services in all cultural art forms of Kerala.


Thayabaka is a form of chendamelam in which palm and stick is used to play.

Panchari Melam

Pancharimelam is a form of chendamelam used to play inside temples.

Pandi Melam

It is a major art form of chendamelam which is performed in temples..


combination of percussion performance artist held at ilanji tree in vadakunatha temle.


Theyyam is a type of dance where man wears the appearance of God and appeases the Gods through dancing.


Pulikali, or the tiger dance , is an occasion that has get to be synonymous with the celebration of Onam in Kerala..

Deva Nritham

deva nritham is a form in which the appearance of hindu gods are adorned.and adds grace with chendamelam


Our aim is to promote performing arts of Kerala all over the world .Talented artist and people requiring programs are requested to register with us for an enchanting experience 9884436365.

famous chenda melam players

“ Padma Shri Mattannoor Sankarankutty Marar ”. Chendamelam cries for his performance to be repeated .”

famous chenda melam players

“ Padma Shri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar ” , Marar's birth is an auspicious in the chendamelam community ”

famous Singari melam players

“ Musician Aravind ” He plays it very loud and clear than any other ”

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