Karumakan vellattu

Thirayattam is conducted in many different ways and Karumakan vellattu is one of them.

Kuttichathan vellattu

Thirayattam differs from other performances by unique customs, tradition and artistisity.

kariyathan Thira

Thirayattam is performed in the courtyards of sacred groves with the accompaniment of traditional torch light ( coconut plam leaves) and chenda a vernacular percussion instruments.


Bhagavathi Thira is a most important kolam. The murder of d Darika Vadham is the test for Bhagavathi thira.Thirayattam is a sacred art with many different methods

thirayattam group


Thirayattam is ritual art form performed in sacred groves and ancestral families of South malabar at kerala. It is an ethnic art form manifested to please the deities and rapid in admixture of dance, drama, songs, instrumental music, facial and bodily makeup, martial art and rituals, composed in harmonizing manner. 9884436365

Bhadrakaali,Neelabhattari,Nagakaali, theechamundi, Karumakan,Kariyathan, karivilly,Thalashilavan,Kulavan, Ghandakaranan,Mundian,bhairavan,kuttichathan, Veerabhadran,Guru Moorthi, Panthappurath panjali,These are all parts of Thirayattam art